Fork of go-yaml

As part of my work on go-raml, I needed some additional capabilities from go-yaml, so I forked it and released my own version of it (until it’s merged in, if at all, since me and the main developer of go-yaml see things a bit differently). Here’s the details

New Features:
*  Added new regexp flag: Unmarshal all encountered YAML values with keys
   that match the regular expression into the tagged field of a struct,
   which must be a map or a slice of a type that the YAML value should
   be unmarshaled into. [Unmarshaling only]
*  Now dies in case of a badly formatted YAML tag in a struct field

*  When a type implementing UnmarshalYAML calls the the unmarshaler func()
   to unmarshal to a specific type, which fails, followed by it calling
   the func() again with a different output value which suceeds, the YAML
   unmarshaling process still failed. Issue was d.terrs == nil check, but
   not len(d.terrs) == 0

*  Lots of new tests for the regexp flag - regexp unmarshaling into maps,
   slices, regexp priority etc.

Here’s the fork:

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