go-raml/raml: An implementation of a RAML parser for Go

As part of a hackathon we had in EverythingMe, I developed an am now releasing the initial version of raml, a RAML 0.8 parser implemented in Go.

RAML is a YAML-based language that describes RESTful APIs. Together with the YAML specification, this specification provides all the information necessary to describe RESTful APIs; to create API client-code and API server-code generators; and to create API user documentation from RAML API definitions.

The raml package enables Go programs to parse RAML files and valid RAML API definitions.

You can find the project here: github.com/go-raml/raml

Update, 2016-05-06: since I am currently quite busy with running OptimalQ, and as this project is in use by several other projects and has several active forks, I’m looking for someone to take over it and make it useful once again. Message me if you’re interested. 

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