Co-founded OptimalQ

I am happy to announce that this January I’ve co-founded OptimalQ with my two amazing co-founders, Yechiel Levi and Yadin Haut.

What do we do in OptimalQ? As our website says:

OptimalQ’s proprietary technology harnesses a combination of big data statistical models and real time network information to intelligently look ahead at a set of mobile numbers and, without making a call, assess the physical and mental availability of each lead.

Our availability insights result in more people answering calls when they actually have the time to talk – meaning calls will be longer and likely more productive.

It has been an amazing ride so far, especially from a technical standpoint – I’ve had the time to finally design my “dream stack” (at least for an agile, time-to-market based business) and implement most of it.

We’re using Python as our technology of choice, with DynamoDB, Redis, MySQL as our main data stores. Sensu and Prometheus help us with monitoring and alerting. Logentries is our current logging solution, but ELK is in our future. All of our stack is based on microservices, using DNS-based service-discovery and SDN. We aren’t using containers and automatic orchestration as of yet, but that is coming very soon. We’re currently AWS based, but are most of our system is completely open-source and vendor agnostic which is great, as we’ve not bound to any one cloud (and might move in the near future).

It sure has been fun, let’s hope it stay this way. :) 

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